SIMON MORLEY, Creator / Puppeteer

Simon Morley was born in Melbourne, Australia. During his early career as a comedy promoter, Simon was instrumental in evolving the careers of some of Australia’s finest young stand-up comic talents.

Being the eldest of four brothers, it was in fact Simon’s youngest brother who showed him his first Dick Trick, ‘The Hamburger’. The competitive forces of an intense sibling rivalry went on to generate a healthy repertoire of genital configurations. Simon wanted to document the Dick Tricks in some way and decided on a large format calendar, showcasing 12 below-the-belt manoeuvres. The need to shift a garage full of calendars, and the growing requests for live appearances inspired Simon to start performing his now legendary Dick Tricks on stage.

After extensive touring with the show, Simon began a career in live television as a writer on the Mick Molloy Show. The lure of the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival got him back on the road in May 2000 and to this day he is keen to see just how far Puppetry of the Penis can stretch.

DAVID FRIEND, Creator / Puppeteer

David "Friendy" Friend was also born in Melbourne, Australia, a hotbed of Penis Puppetry. As a young boy, he began his Dick Trick career in the bath and his skills went on to make him popular at university parties in Byron Bay. The genial climate and no lack of encouragement made sure that when he returned to Melbourne Friendy had accumulated a swag of Dick Tricks. After successfully completing his computing degree, but finding working behind a computer unsatisfying, Friendy set about making a career out of his brave new art. A small but flourishing business venture, performing his repertoire of installations at Batchelorette/Hen’s night’s and private parties, honed his performance skills to a new level.

A partnership with the other Dick Tricker on the circuit, Simon Morley, was a natural progression, resulting in Friendy becoming one half of Puppetry of the Penis. His dream to travel the world with his penis is well on track, having toured extensively through Australia, the U.K., Europe and the U.S.A.


32 years of age, Nacho Regal is Melbourne born and bred! Immediately after graduating from high school, Nacho began a Pastry Chef apprenticeship, where he trained at the prestigious 'Ecole Lenotre' in Paris! However, it was the environment of his local football club "The Bull Ants" and their social scene that Nacho discovered where his true talents lay!

Always the first to drop his strides and do a late night 'nudie' run, Nacho soon created his signature trick 'the smoking penis'. Nacho's repotoire quickly developed - mostly in the showers after a match and long before water restrictions.

Incredibly enough, one morning whilst driving to work, Nacho heard Puppetry of the Penis on the radio. They were on a recruitment drive for new puppeteers for their private shows, which included Hen's Parties. Nacho auditioned and soon became Melbourne's Number 1 Puppeteer on the Hens party circuit, a title he held for two years.

The 'Big Stage' was the natural progression and Friendy and Horse have happily handed over their capes!


Born on Valentine's Day in Adelaide, 25 years ago and bred in the country town of Bendigo from age 12, Sam realised he had potential when he started playing senior footy as a 15yr old and quickly gained the nickname 'Rogue Elephant'.

To the amusement of Sam's footy team mates, he began creating 'tricks', beginning with 'the wristwatch' and 'the fan'! Friends and family soon realised that whenever they needed someone to spark up a dull situation, Sam could whip up a few tricks and entertain the crowd - with only the slightest encouragement!

Blessed with the prerequisite lack of shame, Sam was happy to nude up, regardless of whether he knew his audience or whether they liked it or not! This attitude remains with him to this day.

After finishing his apprenticeship as a fitter and turner, Sam left behind central Victoria for a dash in Kalgoorlie and the WA goldfields. Earning infamy, a place in the local newspaper and a two year suspension from local football for flashing his penis to the opposition bench, Sam realised that desert life has a time limit and that long shifts and working underground in the dark just wasn't his style.

Sam then ventured to Broome (taking his love of nudity at the famous Cable Beach nude beach) and soon decided the next thing on his 'to do' list was Queensland's Sunshine Coast (close to another nude beach at Noosa!), where he still calls home.

After being taken to Puppetry of the Penis by his girlfriend, who then convinced him to audition for Private Parties, Sam quickly became a favourite amongst Sunshine Coast Hens' and it was only a matter of time before he too was called up for the 'Big Stage'!

FITCHY – UK & European Puppeteer

'Fitchy' was born in a sheep pen on the outskirts of Oola Boola and was surrounded from an early age by animals' genitalia as he crawled in the dirt around the homestead.

Having broken free from the smallholding in his late teens (there's only so much sheep dagging a boy can put up with!) he found himself studying drama at Mountview Theatre School in London and gained a BA (Hons) degree in Performance.

After a few years grafting away in a large number of shows, films and on television, his shady past caught up with him. It was the call of the cock! Those 'Priapic Priests' from Puppetry of the Penis did lure him back to the days when he would entertain the flock with amusing genital contortions.

Fitchy is very grateful to his gurus, the equine Simon Morley and amiable David Friend, for allowing him to re-capture his youth and entertain the world in such a highly whimsical fashion. Long Live Cock!'



Christopher is thrilled to be part of the new cast of Puppetry of the Penis and to share the stage with his amazingly hung friend, Rich Binning. This is both his, and his penis's NYC debut. Regional credits include; A Musical Christmas Carol (Pittsburgh CLO), Importance of Being Earnest (Pittsburgh Public), as well as Parade & Ragtime both directed by Michael Rupert. Film/TV; Boardwalk Empire (dir. Martin Scorsese).  Chris holds a B.F.A in Musical Theatre from Point Park University where all of his teachers are so proud of his new show. Thanks to Simon and Justin, all the Charles, Clare, and Mom and Dad for not cutting off my foreskin.


Rich is excited to be making his Off-Broadway debut... naked! Although circumsized, he thanks the puppetry team for being an equal opportunity employer. A proud graduate of Point Park University where he earned his B.F.A., he his happy to share the stage with college buddy, Chris Cannon. Regional credits include, Thou Shalt Not (Pittsburgh Playhouse) Ann Reinking's Piano Keys, Oklahoma! (Huron Playhouse)  and can be seen at college universities around the country in a sexual assault video, and also on a fleet of Sheetz delivery trucks.  Thanks to Simon and Friendy, big inspirations before even meeting them. Love to his beautiful wife, Olivia, and his always supportive mom.

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